gnome-video-arcade 0.6.4

       Module: gnome-video-arcade
      Version: 0.6.4
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes
  md5sum: f64eef5e6cab9a3d09d6e69984dd2b15
 sha1sum: 31f98bd2a9bef251d8f14a8cfd53d44aa023c64f
    size: 984K
  md5sum: 07e435929c711fd012fe5f2c6080e5eb
 sha1sum: b2c53f34483387180c23fc04efaf804e3289d2d3
    size: 824K


GNOME Video Arcade 0.6.4

        Released September 27, 2008

        What's New
	* Mute button on the main window mutes in-game sound.
        * Right-click on column headers (instead of the game list) to
          quickly add or remove a column.

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