gnome-video-arcade 0.6.2

       Module: gnome-video-arcade
      Version: 0.6.2
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes
  md5sum: 44674abbffe2456c204429d5490153d5
 sha1sum: 6193506b7031c832115320734df732159b7b147e
    size: 976K
  md5sum: 820e5f3c1d85e5f2ac5d7cefbf987374
 sha1sum: 8239753c14511c043ec813c99417636962f31c28
    size: 804K


GNOME Video Arcade 0.6.2

        Released June 16, 2008

        What's New
        * Introduce an optional dependency on libwnck, which is used to
          implement "spatial" MAME windows (size and position, per game,
          are remembered across sessions).  Still a bit experimental.
          Please report bugs!
        * Better support for SDLMAME's default configuration.

GNOME Video Arcade

        Released May 25, 2008

        What's New
        * Fix a crash that occurs when starting in or switching to the
          Search Results view.  Reported by Damion Manuel and Taylor Easum.

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