gitg 0.0.3

       Module: gitg
      Version: 0.0.3
  Uploaded by: Jesse van den Kieboom
  md5sum: aaea96527823a94e227162636a4402ce
 sha1sum: 3ac6810df65ac81f7ac768b9dc691c377e3c1aa3
    size: 480K
  md5sum: 0a61a7b98a8b54500c81d206f608f2de
 sha1sum: 045553426729825d3afe781d05606ab73d1da6c1
    size: 400K


= gitg 0.0.3 =
Version 0.0.3 was released on 2009-04-23

== Features ==
  * Show state of stash, unstaged and staged changes as virtual commits at the
    top of the history
  * Preference to not collapse inactive lanes at all
  * Drag and drop to stage/unstage files

== Bug fixes ==
  * Crasher bug on staging files from the context menu
  * Crasher bug on setting visibility of files in the revision details view
  * Resolving and showing tag objects correctly
  * Keep correct branch on reload

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