tracker 0.6.94

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.6.94
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
  md5sum: 2533a7bd8645016dbd7efaccdb5a535b
 sha1sum: 923700df58903cbd19f856223423cdb228ec95ac
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: 12d05088ef186c75bce9d1d6fb90e04a
 sha1sum: 82b32f13b0b293f4a0642aecffa157b666d1b835
    size: 1.4M


NEW in 0.6.94:
  * Fixes reading past genre name boundaries in MP3 extractor.
  * Fixes MP3 extractor leak and some minor memory use improvements.
  * Fixes albumart name stripping code to be UTF8 compliant.
  * Fixes albumart name stripping to follow specification
  * Fixes crawling removable media is disabled with READONLY flag.
  * Fixes tracker-dbus-test output to be UTF8 compliant.
  * Fixes compilation warnings in push modules.
  * Fixes indexer crash with unset GError
  * Fixes indexer crash when extractor fails to return a PID
  * Fixes TTL rdf:type->service type so MMC files are not always "Files"
  * Fixes frequent cache refresh/indexer pausing, 3 mins to 5 mins
  * Adds utils/albumart-strip command to test broken albums/artists.
  * Adds albumart name stripping test cases.
  * Adds tracker-extract debug about modules used per file and on init.
  * Improves JPEG extraction speed, don't worry about unknown tags.

  * Fixes NB#112393, tracker-extract crashes by freeing GStreamer pipe...
  * Fixes NB#110310, metadata_get_multiple returns nothing if some file...
  * Fixes NB#111560, tracker-extract crashes on mp3 files bigger than 20 MB
  * Fixes NB#109891, If deleting last music track or last video...
  * Fixes NB#108361, Tracker crashing if commo.db is corrupt
  * Fixes NB#109046, Tracker is slow to index all the images in the...
  * Fixes GB#578159, Tracker starts to index when removable media...


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