gitg 0.0.2

       Module: gitg
      Version: 0.0.2
  Uploaded by: Jesse van den Kieboom
  md5sum: 0f0eba3307948b426174ce7461d0dbac
 sha1sum: a3a822396189d475807b1983c8f90d21aebc2d32
    size: 472K
  md5sum: a232c4b7fe61d9a0e472774103721f41
 sha1sum: 7aa0d90dd4abe37c184ed84618ddfa104c53be10
    size: 396K


= gitg 0.0.2 =
Version 0.0.2 was released on 2009-04-05.

== Features ==

== Bug fixes ==
  * Correct UTF-8 conversion for dates
  * Revert file with staged changes correctly
  * Crasher bug on typing fast in search field
  * Crasher bug launching gitg on a fetching repository

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