gnome-applets 2.23.2

       Module: gnome-applets
      Version: 2.23.2
  Uploaded by: Callum McKenzie
  md5sum: 7b88fc349d48ea6afe9d134aa23a249a
    size: 9.7M
  md5sum: b2fc9f167abceadd0b1ec576871bfa8b
    size: 7.3M


Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.23.2

 - Character Picker
  - Use the standard Tango icon (Jaap Haitsma).
 - Invest Applet
  - Fix the daily change percentage (Matteo Zandi).
  - Add documentation (Terry).
 - Keyboard Indicator
  - Code cleanup (Yuriy).
  - C89 fixes (Jens Granseuer).
  - Fixed authors email address.
 - Mixer Applet
  - Fixed the volume calculation for some unusual audio devices (Tim-Philipp 
 - Multiload Applet
  - Make the program launched when the applet is clicked configurable via gconf
    (Arthur Taylor).
  - Memory leak fixed (Vincent Untz).
 - Trash Applet
  - Make the border wider to make the icon match the others in size (Matthias 
 - Weather Applet
  - Removed the unusable short-cut keys (Callum McKenzie)

Translations: es, gl, he, hu, is, nb, 
Docs: fi, pt_BR

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