nautilus 2.23.2

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.23.2
  Uploaded by: Martin Wehner
  md5sum: 48d1125e00ed74da10b556bd287a80fe
    size: 7.5M
  md5sum: 8db158e2304f97cde8f0e4452a28ff82
    size: 5.0M


Major changes in 2.23.2 are:
* Increase default thumbnailing size limit
* Various fixes to keyboard handling in icon and list view
* Use description from gio as window title
* Fix double click behaviour in list view
* Remember windows size when closed while maximized
* Always use single click policy in the places sidebar
* Fix selection handling after canceling delete operation
* Improve autorun behaviour
* Improve internal error handling
* Fix adding emblems
* Fix gconf preferences description
* Improve list column page indentation
* Prevent recursive move/copy into itself
* Show mount dialog for already mounted shares too
* Prevent autogenerated file names from overflowing the max filename length
* Use ellipsis as per HIG
* Fix leaks
* Fix crashes
* Build fixes
* Translation updates

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