pango 1.21.1

       Module: pango
      Version: 1.21.1
  Uploaded by: Behdad Esfahbod
  md5sum: ac5c3f8bc6a8be174311ce58fc4121ea
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: 48efc23338ac4b359bee7348652e6107
    size: 1.4M


Overview of changes between 1.21.0 and 1.21.1
- Partial work to make pango_break() exactly follow Unicode TR#14 and TR#29.
  The Grapheme Boundaries and Word Boundaries now work.  For word boundaries,
  a new member was added to PangoLogAttr.  Sentence Boundaries and Line Breaks
  to follow in the next release.
- Err if no cairo font backends font
- Misc bug fixes
- New public API:
	Add new PangoLogAttr member is_word_boundary, that implements UAX#29's
	Word Boundaries semantics.  The is_word_start and is_word_end members
	will change implementation later on to be consitent with the word

- Bugs fixed in this release:
	Bug 531242 â?? Leak when calculating win32 font coverage
		Patch from Daniel Atallah
	Bug 530757 â?? Docs build breaks because of hash sign in URL in <ulink...>
	Bug 530685 â?? Pango no longer using cairo as a backend as of pango 1.19.4
	Part of Bug 97545 â?? Make pango_default_break follow Unicode TR #29

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