gtkmm 2.13.4

       Module: gtkmm
      Version: 2.13.4
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: 07be90a3f75b30411d12953462ab9ea9
 sha1sum: e6beb4a816c3a82086870b20d7620602071d4155
    size: 13M
  md5sum: bdd481cc0a3f7918e5db5bb72efc6b6f
 sha1sum: 6594352280d35a18cd396a4d05e2ef6c242fb627
    size: 9.2M


2008-07-14  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/gtk_signals.defs: Regenerated, so that the new signals and 
	properties are actually generated.
	* gtk/src/calendar.hg:
	* gtk/src/cellrenderercombo.hg:
	* gtk/src/menu.hg: Minor corrections to fix the build.

	* gtk/src/gtk_signals.defs.patch: Really create this patch to make life 
	easier next time.

2008-07-14  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/Makefile_list_of_hg.am_fragment:
	* gtk/src/gtk_vfuncs.defs:
	* gtk/src/toolshell.hg: Added ToolShell, though it is not used 
	by anything yet, to avoid breaking ABI.
	* gtk/src/accelgroup.hg: Added get_is_locked() and 
	* gtk/src/plug.hg: Added get_embedded() and get_socket_window().
	* gtk/src/selectiondata.ccg:
	* gtk/src/selectiondata.hg: Reimplemented get_data(), 
	get_data_type(), get_format(), and get_display() with the new 

	* gtk/src/dialog.hg: Reimplemented get_action_area() and 
	get_content_area() with the new accessor functions.
	* gtk/src/entry.hg: Added get/set_overwrite_mode().
	Reimplemented get_text_length() with the new accessor function.
	* gtk/src/handlebox.ccg: Reimplemented is_child_detached() with 
	* gtk/src/handlebox.hg:
	* gtk/src/layout.hg: Reimplemented get_bin_window() with the 
	new accessor function.
	* gtk/src/image.hg: Added a set() overload that takes a 
	Gio::Icon, wrapping gtk_image_set_from_gicon().
	* gtk/src/menu.hg: Added get_accel_path() and get_monitor().
	* gtk/src/menuitem.hg: Added get_accel_path(). 
	Added right-justified and submenu properties.
	* gtk/src/messagedialog.hg: Added get_image().
	* gtk/src/socket.hg: Added get_plug_window().
	* gtk/src/treeviewcolumn.hg: Added get_tree_view(().
	* pango/ Depend on cairomm, because it does.

2008-07-12  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/cellrenderercombo.hg:
	* gtk/src/cellrendererpixbuf.hg: Added gicon property.
	* gtk/src/clipboard.ccg:
	* gtk/src/clipboard.hg: Added request_uris(), wait_for_uris(), 
	* gtk/src/entry.hg: Added overwrite_mode and text_length
	* gtk/src/iconinfo.ccg:
	* gtk/src/iconinfo.hg:
	Added IconInfo(icon_theme, pixbuf) constructor
	* gtk/src/icontheme.hg:
	* gtk/src/image.hg: Added get_gicon() and gicon property.
	* gtk/src/menu.hg: Added many new properties.
	* gtk/src/plug.hg: Added embedded and socket_window properties.
	* gtk/src/scalebutton.ccg:
	* gtk/src/scalebutton.hg: Added set/get_orientation(), 
	get_plus_button(), get_minus_button(), get_popup().
	Added orientation property.
	* gtk/src/settings.hg: Added many properties.
	* gtk/src/widget.hg: Added damage_event signal.
	Added window property.
	* tools/m4/convert_gtk.m4: Added a conversion for GIcon.

2008-07-10  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/gtkmm/
	* gtk/gtkmm/stock.h: Added PAGE_SETUP, PRINT_ERROR, PRINT_REPORT, 
	* gtk/src/statusicon.hg: Added get_x11_window_id().
	* gtk/src/toolitem.hg: Added toolbar_reconfigured().
	* gtk/src/tooltip.hg: Added set_icon_from_icon_name().
	* gtk/src/widget.ccg:
	* gtk/src/widget.hg: Added get_snapshot().
	Reimplemented get_allocation() and get_window() with the new C 
	accessor functions instead of direct struct field access.

2008-07-10  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/gtk_methods.defs: Regenerated with
	* gtk/src/treeviewcolumn.hg: Deprecated the existing 
	cell_get_size() and added another, because the cell_area 
	parameter has changed to a const in 
	* tools/m4/convert_gdk.m4: Added necessary conversions, because 
	some C parameters have been corrected to const, so we don't need to 
	do so many const_cast<>s.

	* gtk/src/printer.hg: Added get_default_page_size(), wrapping 
	gtk_printer_get_default_page_size(), new in GTK+ 2.13.
	* gtk/src/pagesetup.hg: Added load_from_file() and 
	load_from_key_file(), wrapping gtk_page_setup_load_file() and 
	gtk_page_setup_load_key_file(), new in GTK+ 2.13.
	Added create_from_file() and create_from_key_file() to match the 
	C new functions, now that we can reimplement them.
	* gtk/src/printersettings.hg: Added load_from_file() and 
	load_from_key_file(), wrapping gtk_print_settings_load_file() and 
	gtk_print_settings_load_key_file(), new in GTK+ 2.13.
	Added create_from_file() and create_from_key_file() to match the 
	C new functions, now that we can reimplement them.

2008-07-03  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/toolbar.hg: Mark set/get_tooltips() as deprecated 
	(because it is in GTK+ now).
	* gtk/src/toolbar.ccg: Remove the define of GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED 
	so the deprecated gtkmm methods still build.
	get_tooltip_object(): Just return 0 because the implementation 
	requires GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, to get the odd alternative GTK+ 
	API, and that is now too complicated. It is broken anyway - 
	the fault of GTK+, not us.

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