glibmm 2.17.1

       Module: glibmm
      Version: 2.17.1
  Uploaded by: Jonathon Jongsma
  md5sum: 79ef6c17bdae9e52f034721048ec28f9
 sha1sum: 6af20cc69e36985c8aee491a0f8407d1178c6ba7
    size: 8.2M
  md5sum: 37582537af902260c87c04798a36e5b0
 sha1sum: 92edc2603377c9993450263c12aba90d27c8c2a2
    size: 6.3M


2.17.1 (unstable):

  * New API: (Murray Cumming)
    * Gio::File: make_directory_with_parents(), query_file_type(), monitor().
    * Gio::FileEnumerator: get_container().
    * Gio::Mount: guess_content_type() and guess_content_type_finish().
    * Gio:ThemedIcon: prepend_name().
    * Gio::Volume: get_activation_root().
  * Bug Fixes:
    * #512348: provide documentation about threadsafety of
      Glib::Thread::create() when the slot object is of type sigc::trackable (Chris Vine)
    * #538803: minor fixes to Glib::Tree (Levi Bard)
    * #540656: Pass NULL in a couple functions instead of an empty string allow
      files to be overwritten (Armin Burgmeier)
    * #540875: add documentation for Glib::OwnershipType (Johannes Schmid)
    * #542929: Fix some compiler warnings (Benjamin Herr)
    * Fix AppLaunchContext::get_display(),
      AppLaunchContext::get_startup_notify_id() to use a list of Gio::File, not
      filepath string.  properly documented we know that this is correct. It's an
      API break but this function could nothave worked before. (Murray)
    * Bug #543292: Fix visual studio project file (Jens Georg)
  * Added Keyfile example (Murray Cumming)

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