pygobject 2.15.1

       Module: pygobject
      Version: 2.15.1
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: 4d8835014dde5ad406db53a951757147
 sha1sum: 5a69ee841b837094bf5758371cdaf35ed2e72f38
    size: 544K
  md5sum: 05bf0487c885a1ef6df615e02cac5ea6
 sha1sum: 179c12b9c6ce3779fc66f523e2cae3187a488a82
    size: 440K


2.15.1 15-jul-2008
        - Rename pygtk-codegen-2.0 to pygobject-codegen-2.0 to avoid
          conflicting with PyGTK (Paul Pogonyshev)

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