esound 0.2.39

       Module: esound
      Version: 0.2.39
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Stedfast
  md5sum: cdb8687f4cb2ecedd9b5a98184475ead
 sha1sum: cbcca1533003719212fb4bd692ef7107a362b84f
    size: 516K
  md5sum: d950b9cd0d7b5406cc4bb16bcdcea8f4
 sha1sum: 71dd61502224309784f1d9c274914731cde7c628
    size: 420K


Version 0.2.39
	* Fixed esd client-side code to not hang if esd crashes/hangs
          or otherwise becomes unreachable (Jeffrey Stedfast)
	* Suppress verbose error messages from ALSA (Stanislav Brabec)
	* Allow for multiple esd instances 
	* Fix esound-config for multi-lib setups (Matthias Clasen)
	* Don't report errors about /dev/dsp not existing (Havoc Pennington)
	* Various other build fixes for AMD64 (Rémi Cardona)


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