glibmm 2.16.4

       Module: glibmm
      Version: 2.16.4
  Uploaded by: Jonathon Jongsma
  md5sum: d41adb472ade21eec7998d57f53d3e56
 sha1sum: 90d6fada07ff2db25c0166b34f95e36b2997d364
    size: 7.8M
  md5sum: fe2e91fa93759ffc812e80ca50ace233
 sha1sum: 5f6790bdafd4963219d5a60a8617c9ca89c98ef5
    size: 6.1M


2.16.4 (stable):

    * Bug #540656: Pass NULL to the underlying C function for the etags
      parameter in various *_replace functions. Otherwise, existing files are
      not overwritten (Armin Burgmeier)

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