brasero 0.7.91

       Module: brasero
      Version: 0.7.91
  Uploaded by: Luis Medinas
  md5sum: 835c027d3ce69b250436217b42856d44
 sha1sum: 638689aa15ab093853b85220d6002d554487fff6
    size: 3.1M
  md5sum: e506ad1d56ab9889f158d5039e3fdc77
 sha1sum: be40bdf1da1d893c7d77d477525b33ba9c22a1f5
    size: 2.1M



Bug fixed:

- #506338 â?? Import Session fails on DVD+R that contains multiple sessions
- #540931 â?? Fails to burn an iso to DVD+RW in 0.7.90
- #540993 â?? Brasero displays (and uses) incorrect track durations
- #527383 â?? Disc Copy (Create 1:1 copy of CD) doesn't work at all
- #539959 - Crash when right clicking in plugin window
- #527383 â?? Disc Copy (Create 1:1 copy of CD) doesn't work at all
- #540673 â?? m3u playlist import problem
- #538953 â?? crash in Brasero Disc Burning: I was trying to copy a C...
- #531084 â?? Brasero crashes in strlen () when debug mode is on
- #539386 â?? can't compile brasero 0.7.90 with gcc 4.3 function needs one more argument
- #538299 â?? Window titles
- #538414 â?? burn speed problems
- #538346 â?? Does not ask to overwrite existing log file
- #538300 â?? Use add icon and label for add files dialog
- #534880 â?? Audio project track column
- #470234 â?? Doesn't format fresh dvd+rw before burning
- #532495 â?? crash when removing/moving a file that has been added to brasero
- #493495 â?? Growisofs stops while burning Video-DVD

and other fixes (See ChangeLog)

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