glib 2.17.3

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.17.3
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: 8c5ac7d6c6f2cc21b742714e19638960
 sha1sum: 74c8af3dce899114bc42e22cd212f73d586b4f72
    size: 6.3M
  md5sum: 1683dcb0b5fc865833b01daad8026924
 sha1sum: 278853160bfbf26983e8226b2cf641fe64e6170a
    size: 4.5M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.17.1 to GLib 2.17.3

 - fix for CVE-2008-2371 

* Bugs fixed:
 538119 glib's mainloop leaks a pipe to sub-processes
 537635 Corrections and improvements to g_time_val_{to,from}_iso8601
 539067 The document g_io_channel_win32_new_fd() says...
 535949 annotate g_strip_context and g_dpgettext with G_GNUC_FORMAT
 539123 annotate g_d[n]gettext with G_GNUC_FORMAT
 539074 Cannot get exit status with g_spawn_command_line_sync
 316221 G_LOCK warns about breaking strict-aliasing rules
 539770 migrate gstrfunc unit tests to gtest
 539626 Update docstrings for g_object_freeze_notify and g_object_thaw_notify
 538044 unconditional use of LC_MESSAGES
 540545 Monotonic time and timer offset
 535947 want g_set_error_literal
 539999 glibconfig.h: add GLIB_USING_SYSTEM_PRINTF 
 536252 GFileEnumerator should allow access to the containing GFile
 538362 Get Win32 icons back in the file chooser
 540802 g_list_prepend doesn't concat lists
 540423 unrecoverable error after g_seekable_truncate
 538836 make check failure on PPC and ALPHA: on g_atomic_pointer_get
 539090 g_content_type_from_mime_type() should unalias
 540331 g_file_append_to () documentation: can return NULL
 534639 add g_desktop_app_info_new_from_keyfile
 536733 gio build failure on Irix
 536160 Add g_file_monitor()
 538127 FileChooser broken on win32
 531476 /live-g-file/test_traverse_structure test fails on Mac HFS+
 538564 gio should have gio-types.h
 540047 glib-genmarshal.c: '#include <io.h>' is too before

Updated translations:
 Korean (ko)
 Occitan (oc)

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