libgnomedb 2.99.4

       Module: libgnomedb
      Version: 2.99.4
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: 2944dc519b04e94c3352daf54a7ec192
    size: 4.6M
  md5sum: b91070b190d21ffb473e216392a7e280
    size: 4.0M


libgnomedb 2.99.4, 2007-02-12

- The library is no split into separate libgnomedb, libgnomedb-extra, and libgnomedb-graph 
  shared libraries. You must adjust your #include lines appropriately.
  Packagers might want to ensure that previously-installed headers are removed, if possible.
- GnomeDbRawForm:
  - Handle the new "reset" signal from the GdaDataProxy.
  - Don't show a data entry if gnome_db_data_widget_column_hide() has been called.
  (Vivien Malerba)
- GnomeDbBasicForm: Allow the "paramlist" property to be set more than once.
- GnomeDbDataWidget, GnomeDbRawGrid, GnomeDBRawForm: added an "iter_changed" signal.
  (Vivien Malerba)
- GnomeDbRawGrid:
  - Improved column title for parameters restricted by a data model.
  - Hide expander for parameters restricted by a data model.
  (Vivien Malerba)
- GnomeDbDataCellRendererCombo: Added a "show_expander" property.
  (Vivien Malerba)
- Use enum types instead of guint or gulong for flags, matching the 
  conventions used in GTK+, and making the API clearer: GdaQuery, GdaObjectRef
  (Murray Cumming, Openismus)
- Use specific types for property and signal parameter registrations, and use specific signal marshallers.
  This should be more robust, and is needed by language bindings.
  (Murray Cumming, Openismus)
- Generate enum GType registrations for libgnomedb-extra.
  This is needed for language bindings and use of these enums in GValues.
- Improvements to _new() functions for language bindings, such as C++:
  GnomeDbSqlConsole, GnomeDbDbmsUpdateViewer,  GnomeDbErrorDialog, GnomeDbEditor, 
  GnomeDbDataImport, GnomeDbLoginDialog, GnomeDbDsnSpec, GnomeDbGrid, 
  GnomeDbDataSourceSelector, GnomeDbConnectionProperties,  GnomeDBForm.
  (ArminBurgmeir, Openismus)
  GnomeDbDataCellRendererBoolean, GnomeDbDataCellRendererCombo, 
  GnomeDbDataCellRendererInfo, GnomeDbDataCellRendererTextual,
  (Johannes Schmid, Openismus)
- Adapt to latest glade3 API changes. (Vincent Geddes, bug #400836)
- Correct all remaining installation location conflicts with libgda 1.2.
  (Leonardo Boshell)
- Correct English spellings. (Kraii)

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