libgda 2.99.4

       Module: libgda
      Version: 2.99.4
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: 78eb8077dcb190c00feae37217b6638d
    size: 3.8M
  md5sum: 54d16acc617e87849a347c189389f91b
    size: 2.6M


2007-02-12 Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com>

    	* libgda/gda-query-field-value.c: Added the is_parameter property to GdaQueryFieldValue Object,
    	API change: gda_query_field_is_parameter to gda_query_field_get_is_parameter
    	* libgda/gda-entity-field.c: 
    	* libgda/gda-query-field-*:
    	Changed virtual reference from (*get_data_type) to (*get_dict_type)
    	* libgda/gda-query-field-value: Deleted a duplicated method gda_query_field_value_get_data_type and
    	gda_query_field_value_get_g_type, becouse this object implements GdaEntityField interface
    	* gda-sharp: API updates, added missing reference to libraries

2007-02-12  Johannes Schmid <johannes schmid openismus com>

	* libgda/gda-parameter-list.c: (gda_parameter_list_set_property),
	(gda_parameter_list_get_property), (gda_parameter_list_class_init),
	(_gda_parameter_list_get_dict), (gda_parameter_list_new):
	* libgda/gda-parameter-list.h:
	Added a new construct property "params" to gda-parameter-list to allow wrapping with
	C++ and added a new private method to be able to do some initialisation.

2007-02-11  Brecht Sanders <brecht edustria be>

	* libgda/gda-data-model-import.c: (gda_data_model_import_dispose),
	(gda_data_model_import_set_property): Check for the G_OS_WIN32 #define 
	instead of _WIN32. This is apparently more reliable/correct.

2007-02-10  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-dict-field.c:
	* libgda/gda-dict-field.h: gda_dict_field_get_attributes(): Correct the 
	enum return type.

2007-02-10  Armin Burgmeier  <armin openismus com>

	* libgda/gda-query.c: Replaced some explicit type checks to
	derived types to be a value provider for GdaQueryFieldField.

2007-02-09  Vivien Malerba <malerba gnome-db org>

	* add -DGDA_DEBUG if necessary to allow easy creation of GdaObject
	derived objects outside the libgda's sources
	* tests/*: added unit tests for delimiters testing, to be run using
	the "make check" command (if the "check" library ( is 
	not installed then warnings will appear instead of a test failure
	* libgda/gda-parameter.c:
	* libgda/gda-object.[ch]: added the option for GdaObject sub-classes to copy the 
	"name" property to the "id" one if the "id" is not set (used by the GdaParameter object)
	* libgda/gda-parameter.c:
	* libgda/gda-parameter-list.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-model-iter.c: corrected the gda_object_dump() method
	* libgda/sql-delimiter/lexex.l: it is now legal to write "## /* type:gint */" when
	only "## /* type:'gint' */" was recognized before.
	* libgda/gda-data-model-query.c: correctly detect when it's not possible to get information
	about columns
	* libgda/gda-data-model.[ch]: added a "reset" signal emitted when the data model has completely
	changed (the number of columns and types of columns and of course the whole data may have changed)
	* libgda/gda-data-model-extra.h: added gda_data_model_reset() to make the model emit the "reset"
	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.[ch]: added a "re_init_done" signal emitted when the proxied data
	model's number of columns changes

2007-02-09  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-object-ref.c: (handled_object_type): Check for NULL when checking the 
	parent type, as can happen with interface types, which have no parent. This fixes a 
	hang when showing forms.

2007-02-09  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.c: (gda_data_proxy_set_property): Initialize the GValue 
	properly to prevent a runtime error when we use g_value_set_flags() on it.

2007-02-09  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-object-ref.c: (handled_object_type): Correct this to stop a 
	runtime crash in the demo. The first check was changing the starting type checked 
	by the second check.

2007-02-09  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-client.c: (gda_client_class_init):
	* libgda/gda-column.c: (gda_column_class_init):
	* libgda/gda-dict-database.c: (gda_dict_database_class_init):
	* libgda/gda-dict.c: (gda_dict_class_init):
	* libgda/gda-entity.c: (gda_entity_iface_init):
	* libgda/gda-parameter-list.c: (gda_parameter_list_class_init):
	* libgda/gda-query.c: (gda_query_class_init):
	* libgda/gda-row.c: (gda_row_class_init):
	* libgda/graph/gda-graph.c: (gda_graph_class_init):
	Register the correct parameter types for signals instead of using 
	generic G_TYPE_POINTER types.
	* libgda/gda-marshal.list: Generate (and use) more specific marshallers.

2007-02-09  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.h: gda_data_proxy_get_value_attributes(): 
	Use GdaValueAttribute instead of guint for the return type.

2007-02-09  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-data-access-wrapper.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-model-import.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-model-query.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-model-row.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-model.c: (gda_data_model_is_updatable),
	(gda_data_model_get_access_flags), (set_param_attributes),
	* libgda/gda-data-model.h:
	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.c: (gda_data_proxy_set_property),
	(gda_data_proxy_alter_value_attributes), (gda_data_proxy_append),
	(commit_row_modif), (gda_data_proxy_set_value_at):
	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.h:
	* libgda/gda-dict-field.c:
	* libgda/gda-dict-field.h:
	* libgda/gda-util.c: (gda_utility_table_field_attrs_stringify):
	* libgda/gda-util.h:
	Use GdaDataModelAccessFlags and GdaValueAttribute for function and vfunc 
	parameters instead of guint.

2007-02-09  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-enums.h: Added GDA_VALUE_ATTR_NONE to the GdaValueAttribute enum, because 0 
	is already used as a default value for properties in libgnomedb, and there was no 
	corresponding enum value. 

2007-02-09  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-connection.c: (gda_connection_class_init),
	(gda_connection_set_property), (gda_connection_get_property),
	* libgda/gda-connection.h: Use GdaConnectionOptions instead of guint 
	for the options function parameters, and use g_param_spec_flags instead of 
	g_param_spec_uint for the property.
	Added GDA_CONNECTION_OPTIONS_NONE to the GdaConnectionOptions enum, because 
	the property was already using 0 as a default value, which had no corresponding enum 
	* libgda/gda-dict-field.c:
	* libgda/gda-dict-field.h: Use GdaDictFieldAttribute instead of guint for the 
	attributes parameter of gda_dict_field_set_attributes().
	* libgda/gda-query-condition.c:
	* libgda/gda-query-field-agg.c:
	* libgda/gda-query-field-all.c:
	* libgda/gda-query-field-field.c:
	* libgda/gda-query-field-func.c:
	* libgda/gda-query-field-value.c:
	* libgda/gda-query-target.c: (gda_query_target_render_as_sql):
	* libgda/gda-query.c: (gda_query_render_as_sql): 
	(render_sql_select), (render_join_condition), (render_sql_insert),
	(render_sql_update), (render_sql_delete), (render_sql_union),
	(render_sql_intersect), (render_sql_except),
	* libgda/gda-renderer.c: (gda_renderer_render_as_sql):
	* libgda/gda-renderer.h:
	Use GdaRendererOptions instead of guint for the options parameter to the render_as_sql() vfunc.

	* libgda/gda-parameter.c: (gda_parameter_get_alphanum_name): Fix a const warning, which 
	actually showed that we were changing internal memory by accident, instead of the 
	return string.
	* libgda/gda-server-provider-extra.c:
	(gda_server_provider_select_query_has_blobs): Fix a const warning, though I 
	took the easy way and did an extra g_strdup() to do this.
	* libgda/gda-value.c: (gda_value_new_binary), (gda_value_new_blob):
	* libgda/gda-value.h: Make the data parameters const, to make it clearer that the data 
	will be copied, and to fix some warnings elsewhere.

2007-02-03  Armin Burgmeier  <armin openismus com>

	* libgda/gda-object-ref.c: Changed handled_object_type to also accept
	derived types.

2007-02-08  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* providers/mdb/gda-mdb-provider.c: (gda_mdb_provider_execute_sql): Provide an extra 
	int* output parameter to mdb_sql_bind_column(), though we do not do anything with it yet.
	This fixes the build, at least with the mdbtools version in my Ubuntu Edgy, 
	which I guess is fairly recent.

2007-02-08  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-data-handler.c: (gda_data_handler_get_type): Make GObject a prerequisite, so 
	instances of this interface can be used as object properties in libgnomedb.
	Actually, I wonder how an interface could be implemented without GObject.

2007-02-05  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* libgda/gda-config.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-model-import.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-model-query.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.c:
	* libgda/gda-query.c: Renamed _modif_ to _modify_ in variable and function names, to 
	make the code clearer.
	* libgda/gda-query.h: Renamed gda_query_is_modif_query() to gda_query_is_modify_query(), 
	because modif is not a familiar abbreviation. modification would be nicer but is perhaps 
	a bit too long.

2007-01-31  Vivien Malerba <malerba gnome-db org>

	* removed libxslt as a requirement
	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.c: corrected a bug which prevented any modification to be
	applied to the proxied data model
	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.[hc]: added gda_data_proxy_get_n_modified_rows()
	* libgda/gda-data-model-query.c: added a "use_transaction" property to allow the object
	to start a transaction before running the modification SQL queries and to end it afterwards (so all 
	the modifications are atomic). 
	NOTE1: Beware however to avoid using that feature on several 
	GdaDataModelQuery at the same time if data is being modified at the same time because 
	transactions are shared and this can lead to data losses.
	NOTE2: it's not a problem if a global transaction is started beforehand (not by the 
	GdaDataModelQuery object itself).

2007-01-29  Leonardo Boshell  <lb kmc com co>

	* Install DTD files under libgda-3.0/dtd as opposed to
	libgda/dtd to avoid file collisions with libgda-1.2, as per bug #401179.
	* doc/C/installation.xml:
	* doc/C/ Use -3.0 suffix for the installation directory.
	Pass --ignore-files to gtkdoc-mkdb to avoid gtk-doc errors.
	* doc/C/libgda-docs.sgml: Updated copyright years.
	* doc/C/tmpl/gda-connection.sgml:
	* doc/C/tmpl/gda-dict-extend.sgml:
	* doc/C/tmpl/gda-enum-types.sgml:
	* doc/C/tmpl/gda-object.sgml:
	* doc/C/tmpl/gda-parameter-list.sgml:
	* doc/C/tmpl/gda-query-condition.sgml:
	* doc/C/tmpl/gda-query.sgml: Updates from fixing gtk-doc warnings.
	* libgda/gda-connection.c:
	* libgda/gda-connection.h:
	* libgda/gda-data-model-iter.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-model.c:
	* libgda/gda-data-proxy.c:
	* libgda/gda-dict-private.h:
	* libgda/gda-dict-reg-aggregates.c:
	* libgda/gda-object.c:
	* libgda/gda-object.h:
	* libgda/gda-parameter-list.h:
	* libgda/gda-query-condition.h:
	* libgda/gda-query-object.c:
	* libgda/gda-query-target.c:
	* libgda/gda-query.h:
	* libgda/gda-row.c:
	* libgda/gda-server-operation.c:
	* libgda/gda-value.c:
	* libgda/sql-delimiter/gda-sql-delimiter.h: Fixed gtk-doc warnings.
	* report/testing/
	* testing/
	* tools/
	* tools/gda-config-tool.1:
	* tools/gda-config.5: Use -3.0 suffix.
	* tools/gda-config-tool.c: (main): Call gda_init() to fix runtime
	warnings due to gda_paramlist_dtd not being initialized.

2007-01-27  Vivien Malerba <malerba gnome-db org>
	* providers/sqlite/gda-sqlite.h:
	* providers/sqlite/utils.c:
	* providers/sqlite/gda-sqlite-provider.c:
	* providers/sqlite/gda-sqlite-provider.h:
	* providers/sqlite/ prepared the SQLite provider to use new PRAGMA directives
	in SQLite when they are available, to avoid having to use the internal interface anymore
	* providers/sqlite/sqlite-src: updated to 3.3.12
	* libgda/gda-query.c: minor bug fixed
	* providers/postgres/gda-postgres-provider.c: minor bug fixed
	* libgda/gda-data-model-import.c: applied patch from Brecht Sanders to add WIN32

2007-01-27  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* Check for gamin >= 0.1.8, not > 0.1.8.
	Bug #401099 from Leonardo Boshell.

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