Re: New GNOME Foundation & Emeritus Members

On 9/1/20 9:12 AM, Andrea Veri wrote:
Please welcome and thank them for their great and valuable contributions over the GNOME Foundation!

 1. Samson Goddy (GNOME African Engagement Team)
 2. Onuoha Maryann Chiamaka (GNOME African Engagement Team)
 3. Alex Angelou (GNOME Engagement via dedicated events talks)
 4. Ayooluwa Olosunde Adetunmise (GNOME African Engagement Team)
 5. Adebola Ogunyemi (GNOME African Engagement Team)
 6. Thibault Martin (Translator, Newcomers support)
 7. Manuel Genovés Monzó (Maintainer of Apostrophe, writer of the
    twilight calculator for GNOME Clocks)


I'm excited to see so many newcomers and look forward to contributing with you!

-- Christian

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