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Hi Max, and thank you for the question,

Generally speaking I tend to be of the opinion that meetings should be efficient and expedient, and for a large distributed community where meetings are generally held behind closed doors I believe communication should be expedient too so as to ensure transparency and foster engagement; I appreciate that all members of the Board of Directors will be volunteering their time and that sometimes an agenda item might not get closed during the meeting at which the item is raised due to outstanding action points and the need to follow up on information.

That said, the board meets weekly and while not all of these meetings result in public minutes, I cannot see any reason why a future board couldn't look at (considering the frequency of meetings) the fairly standardised approach of having the approval of the previous meeting minutes be a fixed agenda item to ensure that the minutes are published no later than around one week after the meeting in question. Any ongoing action items, etc., could and should be noted as such and revisited in the agenda for subsequent meetings and updates provided in relevant later minutes.


On Tue, Jun 4, 2019 at 6:15 AM Max via foundation-list <foundation-list gnome org> wrote:
Hi Philip and all

Thanks for reply the mail.
Yes, I know the guidelines  for meeting minutes.
I know the 2 weeks and I want to say  10 days just an example not a real number. ( So my question  is ask Board to think a way, I just suggestion )
During the my role of GNOME.Asia team, I wrote some minutes [1] too. 

For your question:
"I would also like to ask you: what do you think would help encourage the kind of discussion you are looking for, other than minutes published after 7 or 10 days?"
---- I want to  encourage more discussion with GNOME Board, in the other hands, how many discussion  with Minutes of Board meetings or directly to GNOME board last year?
So my thinking is -- if the minutes cloud mail in more close time ( 2 weeks is a good time ), I think  people might be more discuss with others or GNOME board ( Or maybe not? )

I know the correct information is also important, but I just want to know if the minutes is more close -- maybe people would discuss more or want to do more.
---- for example: some minutes about GNOME.Asia --- when I see it with Board minutes -- it already over and I just know what discuss in the board. --- and that's the reason I want to ask the question.

Thanks again to Philips work hard and reply my e-mail, and sorry for my poor English :p



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On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 5:43 PM Max via foundation-list <foundation-list gnome org> wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks for running for the board.

Thanks everyone who want take times to make GNOME better.
Just a simple question about Minutes of the board meeting.

Data and information might be different.
For me - a GNOME foundation member

Data - Get "Minutes of the board meeting" after 1 month or 2 weeks after.
---- Because maybe the event is already close or over.

Information - Get "Minutes of the board meeting" in 1 week or 10 days. 
---- Because something might be happening and everyone could discuss with board and reply.

====  Here is the question ====

Could you promise to think a way --- Everyone get "Minutes of the board meeting" in a very close time?

Here is my suggestion.
Maybe there will be a table to record the "Minutes of the board meeting" announcement time and does it announce in short time?

| board meeting  |  Minutes            |   in 10 days ?                      |
| 2019/4/29          |   2019/5/22        |      No                                |
| 2019/4/8           |   2019/5/15        |      No                                 |
| 2019/3/13           |   2019/5/15        |      No                               |

Maybe it could be a record in GNOME annual report?
---- There are  ? % for Minutes of the board meeting on time to announce.

I want to say --- It not just secretary task, It's the information we want to get from all GNOME Board member.

Thanks again for all who take time to running the board

Hi Max,

This question seems quite relevant and timely, and as I'm sure you know publishing the minutes has been my responsibility over the last year. You may have noticed that I just replied on another foundation-list thread that I am proposing a guideline to the board for best practices around minutes [1].

I can speak about my experience publishing the minutes. Looking back over the 2018-2019 board term that I've served, sometimes it's been easy for me to get the minutes done by the time of the next board meeting, and sometimes, as you have noticed, it takes longer. As being a director is a volunteer position I don't think it's feasible to always require it to be done in 7 or 10 days. Sometimes it is delayed waiting for information that needs to be included in the minutes or because another director needs to carry out an action item first. It seems to have been inevitable in practice every year that there are sometimes delays despite each secretary's best intentions. My personal opinion in a situation like this where a short schedule has not proved sustainable, is that there's no point in saying "I'll just do the same thing, but faster next time" as that is likely to fail.

We could require the responsibility of writing the minutes to rotate through all 7 directors so that everyone only has to do it once in a few months, but I believe that it's actually important to have the same person continue to write the minutes, so that they are written with a consistent voice and level of detail as much as possible.

Part of my proposal linked above, the section named "Delays" [2], is that the secretary should have the draft minutes ready to be approved after 13 days, to give board members 24 hours to read them before the start of the meeting two weeks later. I hope that by putting the minutes as the first item on the agenda for every board meeting, that will provide a consistent motivation for the secretary to generally have them ready to publish after 14 days, and also normalize that the secretary should ask another director to prepare the minutes when their schedule is busy. I don't think this will eliminate all delays, but I do think it will help share the work among the directors and also make more visible to the membership when delays occur and when to expect the delay to be solved.

I would also like to ask you: what do you think would help encourage the kind of discussion you are looking for, other than minutes published after 7 or 10 days?

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