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On Tue, 2019-06-04 at 08:42 +0800, Max via foundation-list wrote:
Thanks everyone who want take times to make GNOME better.
Just a simple question about Minutes of the board meeting.

So, with the publication of the guidelines by the current board, the
expected time frame appears to be that minutes will usually be
published at the earliest 2 weeks after the meeting (I don't expect
minute approval to happen during a "working session"[1]). To be honest,
I not think that this is a time frame that allows Foundation members to
closely follow what is happening and to engage with the Board if there
is a topic of interest to them.

I remember that in the student-council we generally published draft
minutes immediately after the meeting. This publication was posted on a
board (inside the university building), had to happen within three days
and would be signed by the secretary and session chair. The formal
approval would only happen in the next meeting (usually one week

Now, I don't expect that we can do exactly the same thing for the GNOME
Board. On the one hand there because are likely more topics that are of
a sensitive nature, on the other hand because it does not seem like a
good idea to post such preliminary minutes to a public mailing list.

But maybe it is possible to create a faster path for information to
reach the membership. One thing I can imagine is to create a members
only mailing list specifically for posting preliminary minutes. But I
am really not sure whether such changes are at all feasible.
That said, this seems like a topic that may be worth exploring further,
for example by talking about it as part of a public "working session"
of the Board.



Data and information might be different.
For me - a GNOME foundation member

Data - Get "Minutes of the board meeting" after 1 month or 2 weeks
---- Because maybe the event is already close or over.

Information - Get "Minutes of the board meeting" in 1 week or 10
---- Because something might be happening and everyone could discuss
with board and reply.

====  Here is the question ====

Could you promise to think a way --- Everyone get "Minutes of the
board meeting" in a very close time?

Here is my suggestion.
Maybe there will be a table to record the "Minutes of the board
meeting" announcement time and does it announce in short time?

| board meeting  |  Minutes            |   in 10 days ?             
| 2019/4/29          |   2019/5/22        |      No                 
| 2019/4/8           |   2019/5/15        |      No                 
| 2019/3/13           |   2019/5/15        |      No                 

Maybe it could be a record in GNOME annual report´╝č
---- There are  ? % for Minutes of the board meeting on time to

I want to say --- It not just secretary task, It's the information we
want to get from all GNOME Board member.

Thanks again for all who take time to running the board


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