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On Tue, 2019-07-02 at 22:15 -0400, Richard Stallman wrote:
The term "MIT license" is ambiguous -- it stands for either the X11
license or the Expat license.  You can tell which by looking at the
actual license text in the source and comparing with those two

In FSF terms, it's the Expat licence.

The source pointers are needed because these pages contain compiled
code.  (More precisely, minified -- but that is a kind of
compilation.)  It is ok to use minified code, but it needs to come
with the corresponding source code.

Luckily, the full and corresponding source code is available. I think,
however, what you're asking is for is a pointer in a format that is
machine readable by LibreJS.

It is possible to fix the problem by adding a machine-recognizable
license notice for the appropriate license at the top of the
pages, plus a source code pointer for each page.  See for

I had a look at that, it seems that the implementation of Web Labels
a) doesn't support wildcarding or regexes
b) requires a physical link to be added to every page rather than
fetching from a known location.

Given that we are keen to avoid divergence from upstream, at a minimum
I would want to see the above added to LibreJS before we can reliably
produce a Web Label table. Do you know if there's plans to add this

Neil McGovern
Executive Director, The GNOME Foundation

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