Re: Minutes of the Foundation Board, 22nd May

Benjamin Berg <benjamin sipsolutions net> wrote:
I have neither gotten a response nor have I seen an indication that the
Board is discussing the issue. Is the Board planning on responding to
this request?

Reading back over the thread, it's not entirely clear what the issue
is, so I'll just summarise what's happened:

 * A GitLab account was blocked due to inappropriate behaviour
 * The user then sent the GitLab admin a request to remove the account
along with all posted comments
 * The Board decided to anonymise the comments rather than delete
them, in order to preserve thread history
 * When the admin went to delete the account, GitLab removed all the
comments too, so anonymization wasn't possible

So we did fully comply with the request, albeit unintentionally.

In this case, losing the comments wasn't a major issue since they
didn't have any value. However, if the user was a long-time
contributor, the situation would of course be different.

In the future, I think it would be good to have a policy in place for
situations like this.

Does that help to clarify?


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