Events Code of Conduct and New Committee Ratification

Dear Foundation Members, 

The GNOME Foundation Board of Directors would like to announce the ratification of an Events Code of Conduct for GNOME events:

This Event Code of Conduct is the product of over one year of work by the Code of Conduct Working Group, as well as a round of feedback from GNOME community members, and scrutiny by the GNOME Foundation Board. 

The Board has also appointed a new Code of Conduct Committee ( to help with: 
  • Ensuring that GNOME events follow the GNOME Foundation's events codes of conduct.

  • Responding to incident reports, in accordance with the incident response guidelines.

  • Keeping records of code of conduct issues, and tracking repeat incidents.

The Code of Conduct Committee can be reached at

The GNOME Foundation Board invites interested community members to participate in the general Q&A session to be held at the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at GUADEC if they have questions for the Board about this new events Code of Conduct. 

While this Code of Conduct for Events has been ratified, we look forward to continue to improve it in order to help make GNOME events a safe and welcoming place for our community. 

On behalf of the Board, 

Nuritzi Sanchez 
President, Board of Directors

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