Travel Sponsorship Delays and Next Steps

Hey everyone,

The board would like to let you know about the delays in travel sponsorship that some of you may be experiencing.

Neil and the Travel Committee are working hard in changing the current process of handling requests to comply to GDPR. We expect to have it fully ironed out early next week, which will help with processing requests. New requests will go through a ticket system, rather than emails, in order to comply with our new privacy and data retention policy (FIX ME: add link to privacy policy #53).

* How will this affect people applying for sponsorship?

We don't expect people having already submitted their requests to have to resubmit them. For those who have not sent in their requests yet, please do so now.

However, if your requests is more than 2 weeks old and you are observing a drastic shift in the flight prices, feel free to resubmit, mentioning this is replacing a previous request.

In addition, we'd like to let you know that the Travel Committee has experienced a change in membership recently and new members are ramping up. All committee members are being trained to comply with GDPR standards.

Sorry for the delays and any impact they may have. While these hiccups are painful, we believe that the changes we are making will help us process requests more efficiently and with better privacy control than previously. If any further delay or events blocking the processing of requests occur, we'll keep you updated.

On behalf of the board,


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