Re: Proposal for an Events Code of Conduct and Policy Referendum


On Sun, 2018-04-22 at 13:06 +0000, Carlos Soriano wrote:
Another thing I want to mention is that I honestly cannot see this
proposal to have happen if it was not done with a specific set of
people that has invested so much into the big picture of what a CoC
conveys. I don't think is realistic to try to create a document as
difficult as this one with 200 people commenting around (or any other
proposal for that matter).

An important reason for my Referendum proposal is exactly to avoid a
lot of people bickering over a single proposal. I do think that a
single proposal can work well if it is well designed so that a large
majority of the community will back it. However, I personally doubt
that the current proposal finds the right balances for this to be the
case. And if it doesn't, it could exactly trigger the described
situation with a lot of people commenting.

In contrast, by allowing multiple independent proposals to compete,
each can be edited on its own creating separate and productive working
environments. This would happen in small groups which can learn from
each other and most community members would not directly participate in
this process. Doing a Referendum is then a simple selection mechanism
that finds the proposal which best fits the community.

I do see disadvantages with a Referendum. But I do believe that it is a
reasonably sane solution. One which specifically avoids both endless
discussions and people ending up feeling ignored.


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