Re: Proposal for an Events Code of Conduct and Policy Referendum

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Hi Benjamin,

On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 7:40 AM, Benjamin Berg <benjamin sipsolutions net> wrote:
At the current point in time, I believe that the proposal below is the
best way forward. The idea to address it in a WG was good, but it turns
out it was too political to be an adequate forum. This proposal however
creates a forum that can legitimately resolve this political issue for
years to come.

I would like the board to adopt the proposal for a referendum below and
I am happy to work on revising it. Failing to do so, I am intending to
ask for support from foundation members to enforce this to be a
referendum as per the bylaws.

Should you have an alternative proposal on how to move forward, I am
happy to hear about it.

We discussed the topic of Events Code of Conduct during today's board meeting.

The board intends to consider your motion separately from the Code of Conduct that was proposed by the working group; we will soon proceed to seek membership consultation on the working group proposal.
As per the section 7.10 of the Bylaws of the GNOME Foundation [1], it is your right as a member to propose a referendum if you can gather support from at least 10% of the membership.

Since such process should overall be carried out by the Membership and Election committee, I suggest that you get in touch with them for next steps, but as this would be a novel process for most of us, please let us know if you feel that you need any more support from the board to exercise this right.



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