Re: Proposal for an Events Code of Conduct and Policy Referendum

On Tue, 2018-04-17 at 19:09 -0700, Cosimo Cecchi wrote:
We discussed the topic of Events Code of Conduct during today's board

The board intends to consider your motion separately from the Code of
Conduct that was proposed by the working group; we will soon proceed
to seek membership consultation on the working group proposal.

I think my stance is quite clear. As Allan stated quite literally, he
continued working on the Draft without including the rest of the WG in
this work. Regardless of whether Allan was acting as a board member or
chairman of the WG, he has overstepped his authority by doing so. As
such, I do not consider the current documents to be a legitimate
proposal from the WG that the board could even start to consider.

I do not think that this is just a technicality that can be taken
lightly. Should the Board continue to discuss the proposal as is, it
would legitimise the misconduct of some CoC WG members.

In contrast, my proposal for an open referendum allows the draft to be
resubmitted therefore avoiding the above taints.

As per the section 7.10 of the Bylaws of the GNOME Foundation [1], it
is your right as a member to propose a referendum if you can gather
support from at least 10% of the membership.

Thanks for the short summary of the how a Referendum works when
initiated by a community member.


Since such process should overall be carried out by the Membership
and Election committee, I suggest that you get in touch with them for
next steps, but as this would be a novel process for most of us,
please let us know if you feel that you need any more support from
the board to exercise this right.



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