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There are a number of GNOME or GNOME-related project fundraisings:


GTK+, Corebird, ...:
And now GtkSourceView:

(Are there others?)

Those projects are useful to GNOME. But none of them have reached their
funding goals. GNOME has a nice website, it would be nice to highlight
the above fundraisings on the website, and/or writing a news article,
talking about them on social media, etc.

The board has been asked to support at least one of the fundraisers you mention, and the we referred the people who asked to the Engagement Team so they could write a news article and talk about them on social media. Speaking with my Board hat on, I think it is fine for the Foundation to support fundraisers in the ways you mention. I don't think it's appropriate for GNOME to donate foundation money to fundraisers since that money was given specifically to the Foundation, but I do not see any conflict in us offering other kinds of support to foundation members who are trying to raise money for projects.

I think the best course of action is for you and other foundation members to reach out to the Engagement Team, and to work with them to publicize your fundraiser. Since they are volunteer-driven, I'd advise you to take initiative on tasks (like writing an article and then asking the team for feedback), stay involved in the process, and ask the core team to provide support. I think you will get the best results that way.


But… when someone donates to one of the above fundraisings, the GNOME
Foundation doesn't receive any money. So there would be in some way a
"competiton" with . So maybe the
GNOME Foundation doesn't want to highlight other fundraisings on the
website. But this would come in conflict with the goal of the GNOME
Foundation which is to "further the goals of the GNOME Project".

Any thoughts?


PS: I'm the author of the GtkSourceView fundraising.
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