Re: Send us your pants nominations

On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 8:14 AM, Neil McGovern <neil gnome org> wrote:
Hi all,

GUADEC is coming up soon, and with GUADEC comes the annual Pants Award.
Every year, GNOME awards a pair of pants to somebody in recognition of
their outstanding contributions. The board will make the final decision
on who receives the pants, but we'd love to hear your nominations.

The award can be for any kind of contribution to our software or our
community. It does not have to be software development work. The only
requirements are that the person is attending GUADEC to receive the
pants, and that it's not a current or outgoing board member. Not sure
if the person fits the requirements? Just nominate! We'll sort it out.

Please feel free to send your nominations as a reply to this email. Or,
if you'd prefer to nominate someone anonymously, email board-list.


Here's a nomination for Milan Crha who does lots of hacking on Evolution.

It's not the most public, "sexy" project in our arsenal, and while
many people find it more glorious to work on newer things like Maps,
Builder, Flatpak and more (I'm a fan of these projects, the
contributors and their work) it's still excellent to have people
contributing to one of the workhorses that helps many of us get a lot
of our work done.

Here's to Milan, and the other Evolution contributors. May they
continue their great work, and may other join them in the quest to a
better alternative to gmail.


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