Re: LAS GNOME Update | Postponed until Spring 2018

On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 2:22 AM, Nuritzi Sanchez <nuritzi gnome org> wrote:
Hello friends,

I'm writing to announce that, after a lot of consideration, we have decided
to postpone LAS GNOME from November 2017 to the Spring of 2018. We believe
that this will allow us to have a great conference that helps us meet some
updated goals around the libre application ecosystem, especially now that we
have launched Flathub and are gaining momentum on newcomers initiatives.

Below is more information on our wider proposal for what the 2018 Libre
Application Summit should be and how it can fit in with regard to other more
GNOME-centered events.

If you have any questions, or are interested in becoming part of the
organizing team, please let us know!

Thanks, and we hope to send more updates about the upcoming Spring iteration
of LAS soon.

Nuritzi on behalf of the LAS organizing team

The Libre Applicaiton Summit / LAS Strategy
Since the long-term vision for the Libre Application Summit is that it
outgrows GNOME and becomes its own thing, with many ecosystem players
besides GNOME participating, we want to try to get rid of the "GNOME" part
of "LAS GNOME." This means we will start to refer to the conference simply
as the "Libre Application Summit," or "LAS."

We would like to incubate the Libre Application Summit within a North
American event for about 2 - 5 years. We believe this will help us get more
people to attend and provide enough volunteer manpower and GNOME-raised
funding to get LAS off its feet.

Co-Hosting with a North American GNOME event
With no formal GNOME-related conference in North America (where a number of
GNOME developers reside), it seems prudent to merge the concept of the
Boston/Montreal Summit and West Coast Summit into a single unitary GNOME
event in North America.

Last week on foundation-list, Allan proposed having something like a "North
American Summit" [1], and we think it's a great idea. However, we would like
to propose that the official name of that event have "GNOME" in the title so
that we can call it out as a GNOME-centered event.

We have come up with some ideas for the name of the event, and would love
help coming up with others. We are missing a clear vision for what the North
American event will become, which makes it harder to name it. We'll
circulate a separate email asking for help naming the event soon.

Next Steps for LAS 2018
We are planning an event for LAS 2018 organizers in a few weeks to keep the
ball rolling since the event is still just a few months away. The event will
most likely be the weekend of September 30 - October 1st in San Francisco
since most of the people interested in organizing LAS 2018 are already in
the SF Bay Area.

If you are interested in organizing LAS 2018 elsewhere in North America, let
us know ASAP so we can talk about next steps.


Red Hat (my employer) has a very large, and mostly unused office in
Montreal which we could probably use if folks want to have an event in
Montreal. There is really fast wifi, a full kitchen (no stove) and
lots of tables/chairs, etc...

Montreal is a good North American location, because it is a great
city, it is close to Europe, and it's not in the United States which
is more dangerous and politically unstable at the moment.

Feel free to ping offline if you'd like to coordinate on this.


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