Re: LAS GNOME Update | Postponed until Spring 2018

On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 8:45 AM, James <purpleidea gmail com> wrote:

Red Hat (my employer) has a very large, and mostly unused office in
Montreal which we could probably use if folks want to have an event in
Montreal. There is really fast wifi, a full kitchen (no stove) and
lots of tables/chairs, etc...

Montreal is a good North American location, because it is a great
city, it is close to Europe, and it's not in the United States which
is more dangerous and politically unstable at the moment.

I fully endorse this initiative. It is coherent with our recent
foundation statement on the immigration ban[0], and more importantly
it would allow many more foundation members to attend (including

Thanks for the suggestion, I hope that this idea is taken into consideration.

Feel free to ping offline if you'd like to coordinate on this.

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