Re: The Goal of Gnome

The aim of Gnome is to be a graphic desktop for the GNU operating
system.  That's the purpose for which we launched Gnome.

There is no hard and fast limit for what kinds of programs a Unix-like
operating system can contain.  (The first GNU Chess came out around
1989.)  Likewise, a desktop can contain all sorts of graphical
packages.  There is no precise boundary for what _can_ be included.

But there are essential things that _must_ be included.  A Unix-like
system has to have a C library, and its desktop has to contain a
toolkit library such as GTK+.  The desktop would be sort of pitiful
if it did not contain a file navigator, system control panels, etc.
Naturally, Gnome has them.

However, it wouldn't make sense for non-graphic, non-desktop programs
to be included in Gnome.  It would be more natural to classify them

Dr Richard Stallman
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