Re: Question to GNOME Foundation Board candidates

  > * No apps for GNOME/GTK+

If that means that we don't offer a place to download nonfree
applications, that's not a flaw, that's a moral superiority!
It's part of respecting users' freedom.

I think "App" in this context means what flatpack (and all its
spiritual predecessors) is currently trying to address: No need to
wrangle with installing packages, no ending up in dependency hell, grab
latest version of something and just run it.

So let's turn those attacks around!  Let's remind people that the
distros' package systems are right way to distribute applications and
GNOME works with those package systems.

Except the normal user gives shit about packaging systems. And why
things not work if he grabs some piece of software from some random
place. Things should just work. There should not be "I cannot run
Frobnicator 2k because my system has libfurb packaged in version 0.8,
but Frobnicator needs 0.9 so I also need to get that from somewhere"

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