mentor for Outreachy!

Hi all,

Thanks to a confirmed sponsorship from the GNOME Foundation, GNOME is participating in Outreachy in the 
upcoming May round! Please consider adding your project idea and yourself as a mentor at to help someone from an underrepresented background 
become a part of our community.

Because GNOME only usually has a few participants in Outreachy, we are looking to offer projects that are 
most strategic for GNOME. These include, but are not limited to, projects in the area of privacy, developer 
experience, GTK+, core experience, core applications, and web infrastructure. If you have already listed your 
project idea for Google Summer of Code, and are willing to mentor it through either program, please list it 
for review on Outreachy's page.

Please add your ideas as soon as possible. The application period for Outreachy opened on Tuesday and the 
application deadline is March 22.


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