Re: Minutes of the Board Meeting of January, 19th, 2016

Hey Tobi,

Tobias Mueller <muelli cryptobitch de> wrote:
>  * Unixstickers
>   * They're selling GNOME branded items
>   * No trademark licence agreement has ever been signed with them
Are they offering anything related to computers under the name "GNOME"?
So far I only see stickers and pins:

Are we having trademarks outside the realms of "Downloadable computer
software tools and libraries used for the development of other software
applications; downloadable computer software development tools;
downloadable computer software for creating and managing a computer
desktop; downloadable computer software for use as a graphical user
interface; downloadable computer software for word processing, database
management, and use as a spreadsheet; Computer software development;
computer software design; computer programming for others; technical
consulting services in the field of computer software; licensing of
intellectual property." ?

The Foundation first started licensing sellers of GNOME merchandise in 2008. Over the years, we've had advice from various lawyers. I'm not aware of any of them ever telling us that we couldn't or shouldn't license merchandise sellers who are using our trademark.

It should also be noted that other Free Software foundations license their trademarks in a similar way, and that unixstickers and similar sellers are used to signing these agreements.

It might be interesting for us to extend the trademark registrations we have to include merchandise, but I haven't seen any evidence that we shouldn't continue with the established practice of trademark licensing.


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