Re: Minutes of the Board Meeting of January, 19th, 2016


On So, 2016-01-24 at 16:33 +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:
 * Unixstickers
  * They're selling GNOME branded items
  * No trademark licence agreement has ever been signed with them
Are they offering anything related to computers under the name "GNOME"?
So far I only see stickers and pins:

Are we having trademarks outside the realms of "Downloadable computer
software tools and libraries used for the development of other software
applications; downloadable computer software development tools;
downloadable computer software for creating and managing a computer
desktop; downloadable computer software for use as a graphical user
interface; downloadable computer software for word processing, database
management, and use as a spreadsheet; Computer software development;
computer software design; computer programming for others; technical
consulting services in the field of computer software; licensing of
intellectual property." ?


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