Re: Proposal: creation of IRC Operators Team

Thanks Allan for answering.

An update of a discussion we had yesterday, one thing we would like to have is maintainers of the projects being the chanserv op of that corresponding channel. For that you need to register the channel to chanserv and you will have full access to the irc channel features, and become op too.
For that you will need chanop first, and we can provide that on a personal basis.
I found these channels that would be good to have registered to someone since they have a clear maintainer:
clutter documents evolution geary gegl gitg gnome-builder gnome-calendar gnome-games gnome-os gnome-shell gnome-software grilo gtk+ libpeas libsoup photos polari totem tracker

If you are maintainer of one of those and is not registered channel yet or you are not op, please ping me on IRC to give you op status to be able to register the channel.


Best regards,
Carlos Soriano
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For that reason I proposed to Andrea Veri to give OP status on several main channels to some of us that are more time present in most of main IRC channels. I gathered some information of what channels need some established OP's and what people could be those OP's, effectively creating a kinda "GNOME IRC Operators Team".

Sounds good to me. Thanks for this initiative, Carlos!

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