Proposal: creation of IRC Operators Team

Hello everyone,

Recently we had to deal with spam in several main IRC channels on, and we realized some of those channels didn't have any OP able to deal with it in a timely manner.
These channels included gnome-design, gnome-hackers and evolution among others.
In this case we needed a server wide ban, and Andrea Veri responded very quick and in less than 5 minutes the ban was applied. However, this situation kinda broke the current workflow of the people on those channels, and is kinda a bad image users on those channels are asking for help and nobody is able to chime in applying a quick /kick.
Having an OP in every main channel also ensures any social problem or issue could be handled in a quick way and users know who to contact in case of any need.

For that reason I proposed to Andrea Veri to give OP status on several main channels to some of us that are more time present in most of main IRC channels. I gathered some information of what channels need some established OP's and what people could be those OP's, effectively creating a kinda "GNOME IRC Operators Team".
Here is the info I gathered (main strategic channels or channels with most connected users at

Channels that already have established OP's (more or equal than 2 op's during weekends) and therefore don't need us to add OP's:
a11y docs gimp gnomefr gnucash mono monodev monodevelop vala

Channels that are in need of established ops (no current OP's or just 1 during weekends):
banshee board bugs clutter documents empathy engagement evolution foundation geary gegl gitg gnome gnome-builder gnome-calendar gnome-design gnome-games gnome-os gnome-shell gnome-software grilo gtk+ guadec i18n introspection libpeas libsoup nautilus opw-admin outreachy outreachy-admin photos polari release-team rust soc-admin totem tracker gnome-hackers fedora-desktop

And the people I though to be part of this team of OP's in those channels are Andre Klapper (andre), Alexandre Franke (afranke) and me, Carlos Soriano (csoriano).

I plan to put this information in the wiki, so users of IRC can know who to contact in case of any issue (for example in case some of us prefer to be on non-OP status for regular talking in the channel).

If you are current op or creator of those channels, what do you think of this idea? What do you think of the people and channel selection?

Best regards,
Carlos Soriano

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