Agenda for board meeting on September 29

The next board meeting is September 29. Here's our public agenda. We
welcome questions or feedback on any of these items.

* Funding Outreachy internships
* COLA increase paperwork for Rosanna
* Discussion of regional domain names.
* Action items:
  * Trademark registration followup with Pam (Kat)
  * Ubuntu GNOME agreement follwup with Pam (Allan)
  * Communicating position on regional domain names (Kat, Cosimo)
  * GNOME logo use by podiatrist (Shaun)
  * Logo usage for tshirts (Jeff)
  * Trademark-infringing swag (Cosimo)
  * Freedesktop hackfests with Groupon money (Kat)
  * Privacy funds hackfest (Sri, Christian)
* Open items:
  * GUADEC 2016
  * Annual report
  * ED search
  * Google Play account


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