Re: User Data Manifesto

On Fri, 2015-09-11 at 12:31 +0100, Allan Day wrote:
Philip Withnall <philip tecnocode co uk> wrote:
Now that we’ve endorsed it (yay!), what are we going to do about
Should we do a review of GNOME apps to make sure they all comply
necessary? A GNOME Goal, maybe?

That's a good question.

The manifesto primarily refers to cloud providers, so I'm not really
sure that we can put it into effect ourselves. However, what I would
like to do is work on our own privacy policy (which we could
implement), and to hopefully use that as the basis of collaborations
with the user data manifesto people in the future.

Also, we can help by doing marketing and promotional work, if there
are announcements that we can recirculate and so on. That would be a
good thing to talk to the Engagement Team about.

The manifesto does explicitly address cloud providers, but the points
it raises are more generally applicable to all software which touches
users’ data. At the very least, they provide a starting point for
thinking about privacy improvements.

I’ve created a proposal for a GNOME goal for reviewing modules for
privacy. Feedback very welcome:


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