Re: Affiliation change and stepping down


On Tue, Nov 03, 2015 at 12:30:24PM +0100, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
If I recall correctly, it's not a rule for the board to pick someone 
based on election results.
That's true and false.

It's true in the sense that the bylaws do not govern change of affiliation
after the election results have been obtained.

It's false in that there is a rule for following the results when more
than 40% of the directors are of one company 

Now that can find yourself on either side of the fence, as to whether
you think that rule applies.

In any case you can ask yourself what *should* be done.
And I think that if you have the option of either following the interests of
your electorate or deciding for yourself, that following the electorate is
simply of better style.


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