Re: Affiliation change and stepping down

On 15-11-03 03:30 AM, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
On 10/28/2015 09:22 AM, Tobias Mueller wrote:

I take that as a "yes" to the question asked "Does the Board intend to
follow a different strategy than to follow the membership's opinion
expressed in the election results".
Please correct me if I'm wrong, there.

Since this also came up in a blog post of yours the other day.

If I recall correctly, it's not a rule for the board to pick someone based on
election results. It did work like that when Jorge Castro replaced Lucas Rocha
in 2009.
However, the very same year Paul Cutler replaced Behdad Esfahbod, even though
Paul never ran for those elections.

That's correct, but it also was before STV voting was implemented, so it's not
exactly apples to aplles.

I have no idea who they're picking, but trust the board to select a good
candidate to fill the vacant seat.
- Andreas
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