Re: Questions for candidates

Hi Richard

  > There are a few subtle ways of getting the message out which we could
  > explore: For example, getting GNOME listed onto some popular websites in
  > the UK (e.g. BBC, NHS, RNIB etc) and elsewhere, by approaching them with up
  > to date instruction manuals on how to use GNOME's accessibility tools so
  > they can publish them or provide links.

These are candidate ways for how to promote GNOME.  They might be good
ways.  The board would want to compare them with other possible ways
in order to choose.

However, I'm raising a different point: about spreading the ideas of
free software.  That is different from use of GNOME. 

Thus, I ask, how would you piggy-back spreading the ideas of
free software onto GNOME and the promotion of GNOME?

I don't follow why you see these as such different things: GNOME is free software; by promoting GNOME, we are therefore promoting free software and the ideas which come with its use.

Spreading much more general ideas of free software is something which other organisations (e.g. FSF) are already established to address. I really think that the directors of GNOME are supposed to spend their time on work which directly relates to GNOME's core mission; if elected, I would be keen to focus on that commitment.


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