Re: Questions for candidates

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your email.

The FSF has the same status; anything that's lawful for the FSF is
lawful for the GNOME Foundation too. 

Does this not limit the ability of the FSF to campaign against US laws which attack software freedom somewhat? It seems very much like legislative changes all over are presenting a great threat to software freedom, these days...

Mainly it's a matter of following the foundation's charter; but the charter doesn't have to be
interpreted in the strictest possible way. 

I do not get the impression the Charter is strictly followed. We are required to follow the bylaws also and in my view they should be followed because there is already a process for making amendments which is very straight-foward and reasonably fair.
There are limits on expendatures for lobbying, but lobbying is a
rather narrow activity and I think we have never done it.  Grassroots
activism and communication to the public are usually not lobbying.

Also, we are not allowed to work for or against specific candidates
for office.

I think you are correct about this. Am I right in assuming that only applies to political parties in the USA, then?

  > I would be pretty open to hearing any ideas on what we can do above and
  > beyond being useful free software which does fall within GNOME’s remit,
  > though.

The GNOME Foundation's activities will naturally focus on promoting
GNOME; in the course of those activities, it can promote the free
software ideas too, in many ways.

OK, I reckon I better understand you now...

I feel that GNOME do tend to promote free software ideas indirectly when promoting GNOME and I think it is constructive for us to do our best to nurture relationships with organisations who seek to promote free software ideas too. But ultimately, we just need a lot more people to know that free software exists! Too many people still have never even heard of free software, let alone GNOME...

There are a few subtle ways of getting the message out which we could explore: For example, getting GNOME listed onto some popular websites in the UK (e.g. BBC, NHS, RNIB etc) and elsewhere, by approaching them with up to date instruction manuals on how to use GNOME's accessibility tools so they can publish them or provide links. We could always do with creating some more general promotional videos covering various features and how-tos, tips and tricks.


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