Re: Questions for candidates

Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
I'd like to ask the candidates, how do you think GNOME should
contribute more to the advance of free software and users' freedom in
general (in addition to being useful free software).

Obviously we want GNOME to be successful and for there to be greater
adoption, and that would place Free Software in the hands of more
people. However, if I'm reading your question right, you are asking
what else we have to offer the Free Software cause.

One answer here is the emerging agenda around privacy. My view is that
the GNOME project is at the forefront of advances in this area, which
will not just benefit GNOME's users, but a whole range of Free
Software projects. As a member of the board, I would seek to support
this aspect of our work wherever possible.

I would like GNOME to positively influence other projects (both
propriety and Free Software ones) wherever possible. That might be
around a range of issues, such as equality and diversity in Free
Software, open standards and privacy. One of the best things we can do
here is set a good example, but we can also speak out and participate
in campaigns where appropriate. Advancing a wide agenda both helps to
define us as a project, and gives us a wider impact.


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