Re: Question to the candidates.

Hi Erick,

This is a little difficult to answer, since is a very wide question that
resembles "how can we make GNOME better?" which is what all of we try
to do, and I'm not sure most part of it is directly fixable by the
board, but instead indirectly.

Said that, as we know by the nature of GNOME being open source works like
that, people works on what they want to work, on something that is fun
to work, that's why i.e. Nautilus doesn't have lot of contributors,
because it's not a fun app (for me it is fun though =D) to work with,
because is old code and it's not new.

Then on the other hand, companies pay to work on some GNOME modules, and
people work on that even if they are not fun to work with, and that
fixes part of the problem.

So now I guess the question is, what to do with those specific issues
that makes GNOME not "complete" and that free time contributors doesn't
work on them because it's not fun, and companies doesn't pay people to
work on them?

In my candidacy email I stated some of those ideas, the more prominent
and known is BountySource, which seems sometimes works, sometimes not
(there is a 1000$ bounty for GtkSourceView for a few years now), so that
makes me think that BountySource doesn't work for big issues.

But then I had the idea of the "GNOME excellency program", inspired on
GSOC, which makes a person work on something big and that we consider
top priority, paying a little more than GSOC and selecting candidates
only if they provide a strong background to complete the task (since as
we know GSOC rate of fully completion of tasks are rather small...).

In this way we can fix specific long standing issues that could help a
lot to reach the "complete" desktop solution we all want.

Carlos Soriano

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| Hi:
| First, thanks to all of you for running as directors.
| Currently, GNOME is a strong platform for development, but it's lacking
| integration and features to be a complete, fully integrated desktop
| environment like Mac OS X, for instance. My question is:
| "What plans do you have to make GNOME a more complete, fully working solution
| as desktop environment."
| Cheers, and good luck!
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