Re: Question to the candidates.

Hey Erick!

Erick Pérez Castellanos <erickpc gnome org> wrote:
First, thanks to all of you for running as directors.

Currently, GNOME is a strong platform for development, but it's lacking
integration and features to be a complete, fully integrated desktop
environment like Mac OS X, for instance. My question is:

"What plans do you have to make GNOME a more complete, fully working
solution as desktop environment."

I could answer that question from a design perspective. However, the
Board doesn't make technical or design decisions, so I don't think
that would be appropriate.

What I can say is that I'm keen to talk with our Advisory Board
members about what they want from GNOME, and to make sure that those
conversations are fed into our development activities. This is
important in order to ensure that Ad Board members feel that their
membership is valuable, and to ensure that the project is responsive
to the needs of our supporters. As a designer on the project, I think
that I'm in a good position to make sure that this happens.


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