Re: Question to candidates: Best use of Trademark Fundraiser money?

Hi Andreas,

One of the things is an ED, I think everyone agrees here...

On the other hand, I have specific items in mind, but I really don't know the drawbacks of them, since I 
don't know
why we didn't do it before. So it needs discussion.

I think we have to fix the "where is the money I gave to the foundation went? Did it achieve the goals? How 
does it affect me directly?"

One thing that I had in mind is, show the community that their money is spend in something that directly 
affects them
(and not only long-time developers, like spending the money on GUADEC or so). I really think we have to show 
that to those people.
For example allocating some money for bountysource or so, in this way we can choose some bugs that we think 
are priority to fix,
and we can say "part of your money was spend in this specific thing that will affect directly to you".

Another thing I had in mind is a "GNOME excellency program". Read as, a GSOC for one person and directly paid 
The problem with GSOC is that is only for students. And the "issue" with Outreachy is that is only for women.
So the way I imagine it is, one important specific project that people has to "compete" to be elected to do 
it, and we offer a little bigger amount
than GSOC to promote it. In this way we can achieve a specific goal, independent of the person, so here the 
goal is not to gain new people, but
to achieve the goal of the project.
In this way we can also say to the community "part of your money was spend in a very great developer, to fix 
this long-standing
issue that directly affects you".

I think spending 10% of the money in those initiatives are not that much, and send a message to the community 
and improves the image of
GNOME towards them. But I also believe we need to have a little war chest and I understand big part of the 
money goes to hackfests, etc.

Carlos Soriano
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| Dear candidates. Thank you all for running!
| As part of the GNOME Trademark Fundraiser [1], the Foundation raised
| $102 608 USD.
| Since the trademark claims from the other part in the issue was
| withdrawn, it was never taken to court and the money was never spent on
| that.
| What, in your mind, is the best use of these funds now? Kept as a War
| Chest [2] or spent on something specific?
| 1.
| 2.
| - Andreas
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