Re: Question to candidates: Best use of Trademark Fundraiser money?


On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 7:23 PM, Andreas Nilsson <lists andreasn se> wrote:
As part of the GNOME Trademark Fundraiser [1], the Foundation raised $102
608 USD.
Since the trademark claims from the other part in the issue was withdrawn,
it was never taken to court and the money was never spent on that.
What, in your mind, is the best use of these funds now? Kept as a War Chest
[2] or spent on something specific?

Keeping it all as a war chest doesn't make much sense to me. As others
have already said, we should spend it to "bolster and improve GNOME"
but what this will mean remains to be defined. I think this will
mostly mean that when a proposal to spend some money on something will
arrive, we'll be a bit more confortable as this reserve gives us some
leeway. However I don't think we can decide to spend a huge chunk of
it on a specific item as this was not raised with a specific goal
apart from the trademark issue which is no more.

Alexandre Franke

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