Re: Agenda for board meeting on July 7th

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What is the relationship between this and GNOME?

I see two problems in the kickstarter page.  The smaller, superficial
problem is that it says "Linux" and means GNU.  If they would like our
support, we should insist they change that.

The substantive problem is that kickstarter requires running
nonfree software to donate.  Since we should not ask people
to run a nonfree program, we should not ask people to donate
to a project on kickstarter.

There is a crowdfunding site,, which permits
donation without running nonfree software -- and they are willing
to host a project when the FSF asks.  So this problem has a solution
which is not very difficult.

I asked someone to check the distro's own web site.
He reported that it isn't clear whether the distro will
be free or not.  Which means it probably won't be free.

Is there anything we should do with it?

Dr Richard Stallman
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